Be A Citizen Journalist

Do you have something to say and are looking for the place where anyone can read it? You have come to the right place! Please send us your article to be reviewed for publication. We adhere to the following stipulations to ensure everyone has a safe place to hear your voice and what you want to say, just like the public square of early American towns. Please include any pictures with your article.

  • Please keep the word count to 600 words or less.
  • Be truthful and state facts in everything you write and opine.
  • No bullying, threats, sexual, lewd, vulgar, obscene or harmful content allowed.
  • We do not publish anything harmful to children, any mention of them by name or any other personal demographical information.
  • No globalist, socialist, communist, islamist or other groups whose ideals and values contrary to America’s founding principles and republican form of government is permitted. Citizen Journalists may discuss these topics in their articles however no recruitment, using this website as a communications channel between like members, etc. will be permitted.
  • We review articles each week. If your article is approved it will be posted. We do not communicate directly with authors about edits, further information, etc. What you send us is what we may publish.
  • Please do not infringe on copyright, trademark or similar intellectual property rights. Get consent of the respective owner before sending your article to us. By sending your article to us, you indemnify us from any liabilities.