Biden Abandoned Americans: Now at the Mercy of the Taliban

Kevin McCarthy says Biden has ‘turned his back on his duties, his own citizens and allies’ in Kabul: US sends helicopters to rescue stranded Americans with thousands – including 24 California school students – still trying to escape

  • House Minority Leader McCarthy tore into Joe Biden after he delivered remarks Tuesday without taking questions at the end or mentioning how many Americans are still left in Afghanistan 
  • Other Republican lawmakers accused Biden of letting the Taliban dictate the terms of the US evacuation
  • A US military mission pulled ‘less than 20’ people from Kabul and brought them to the airport under the cover of darkness via helicopter, Pentagon officials revealed on Wednesday after two similar missions earlier
  • Among those still stranded in Afghanistan are 24 students and parents from a California school district 
  • Desperate Afghans waded through sewage at Kabul airport today in a last-ditch effort to escape Taliban rule 
  • Evacuees said they had been attacked by the Taliban and prevented from getting to Kabul airport 
  • The reports emerged less than 24 hours after President Biden said the Taliban needed to let people leave  
  • Fears are growing that crowds could try to storm the airport or that opportunistic terrorists will launch an attack – fears that will only grow as troop numbers dwindle
  • Those not already at airport now have little chance of escape, as Taliban stop all Afghan citizens reaching it
  • Members of the GOP said on Tuesday night that Biden has ‘blood on his hands’ because of who is left behind 
  • Taliban has warned President Biden that there will be no extension to the August 31 evacuation deadline
  • US evacuated 19,000 people from Kabul, across 48 different flights, over the last 24 hours, White House says

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