Chardon City Historically Run By Idiots

By: Center Streeter

The legal kerfuffle over the new country administration building shows how easily the City of Chardon is willing to burn money on lawyers. But it is not the first time they were stupid when it comes to greenbacks.

Many will remember the fire that consumed the city’s service maintenance garage on Park Ave. on March 17, 2008.

A dozen city vehicles were damaged in the 4 a.m. fire, including snowplows, sidewalk plows, a backhoe and a catch basin cleaning machine. Only one of the seven large service department trucks went unscathed.

Here is where stupid starts: the metal building the machines were kept in was insured — but NONE of the equipment inside of it was.

But no big deal. The city and the county spend money like drunken sailors. Why else would they keep taxing and taxing us without regard to the financial devastation some have suffered during the past year.

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