Chardon Township Tries Again to Force Road Levy on Residents; Failed in May Primary

By: Township Resident

On May 4, 2021 Chardon Township Trustees placed a levy on the ballot for an “additional” 2.75 mills for 5 years for Streets, Roads and Bridges. It was beaten by 210 votes to 159. Now they are trying to get it passed in November. Only 25% of registered voters turned out.

The main roads, the ones most travelled in the township, are County roads and the township has no responsibility for maintaining them.

On January 1, 2021 the Streets, Roads and Bridges fund had $275,607.40 in unencumbered funds in it. They are now trying to force an unnecessary levy on us again. It is an “additional” levy, which means it would be in excess of other levies they are already collecting. 

If the proposed levy passes, the township will collect an additional $503,241 a year for the next five years AND it will appear already on your January taxes in 2022. 

(The County has two levies on the ballot and those taxes will ALSO appear in January, if passed: A property tax renewal of 2.5 mills and a Chardon schools levy for 15 years for a $7.2 million bond — and don’t forget the $30 million administration building that is being built now.)

And speaking of money, the township received $253,661 in Coronovirus relief money last year. It ended the year with $24,543. What did the Trustees do with $229,118?

The township Trustees cannot be trusted. Remember that when election time comes. Two of the three, Mike Brown and Tim McKenna, are up for reelection but unopposed. Don’t give them your vote. Show your dissatisfaction with their leadership abilities by not voting for them.

Every township voter must get out and vote against this levy, the other scam levy for Fire and EMS and the two county levies.

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