Todd Petersen, Esq. — Geauga County Pond Scum

By: Fed Up With Jerks

There are slimy lawyers and then there is Todd Petersen. As you will see later, Petersen is “besties” with equally slimy County Prosecutor Jim Flaiz.

Petersen has pulled some fast ones but this is his Gold Medal win:

In December 2009, Petersen and seven others, including family members, bought Fowler’s Mill golf course in Munson Twp. for $2.7 million. His parents and other relatives owned Chardon Lakes golf course and Petersen is part-owner of Legend Lakes golf course. Tee times are obviously not a problem for any of them.

Where this gets messy is seven months after the purchase, Munson Twp. applied to the EPA for $5.1 million to buy Fowler’s Mill golf course and to close it permanently. Munson officials claimed it would improve Geauga water quality. At the last minute that deal fell through.

But on the $2.7 million Petersen and pals paid, $900,000 was for the assets (merchandise, carts, etc.) which they could later sell separately. This means on their land investment of $1.8 million P & P were going to make a profit of $3.3 million in seven months, according to Allen Freeman of Northern Ohio Golf. 

Petersen had to be madder than the Grinch at losing the money they thought they were going to get but didn’t. Someone had to put the wheels in motion to get the whole deal with Munson turning. Petersen? He’s a clever guy, just ask Mate John Brkic.

Brkic was one of the other seven investors in Fowler’s Mill who also didn’t get the profit he expected. But Petersen has done Brkic’s family other favors. When Mate John Brkic Sr., now 74,  got a DUI in 2008, Petersen got it reduced to physical control and got the $1,000 and court costs suspended. He did get three days in jail, which suggests this was not his first DUI.

When investor Mate John Brkic, 50, got a DUI in 2013, Petersen did a better job and got it dismissed, even though the ticket was from the OSP.

Then we get to Mate John Brkic, Jr., 24, who owned the crappy house at the corner of Thwing and Auburn, the one that someone hung aluminum siding over moldy and rotting wood. It’s the house that burned to the ground under mysterious circumstances, even though the rental property was occupied by four middle aged adults who were home when the fire started at 5:30 a.m.

Junior bought the home in Feb. 2017 for $$75,850. The county had the property valued at $126,000 and Brkic did not have to pay any taxes to purchase it from HUD. It burned down in Nov. 2018. Assuming it was fully insured, Junior did very well for himself.

Plus when the county bought the property from him in 2019 to place a sewage treatment plant there, the county commissioners paid him $70,600 while the auditor had it valued at $50,600.

Now back to Flaiz: We all remember how he got former auditor Frank Gliha off with a wrist slap after Gliha helped $2.4 million disappear from his office. (Gliha admitted he signed for bills to be paid that he knew he shouldn’t and split bills to come in under the amount he was allowed to spend.) 

Flaiz had been alerted twenty-six times in writing by a former employee that money was missing three years before Flaiz finally started an investigation. Flaiz is the one that cut the deal for Gliha to be charged with misdemeanors instead of felonies, even though he admitted his guilt. And guess who the attorney was that got Gliiha such a good deal and then had Gliiha’s record sealed so the public could never see it again ? Todd Petersen.

Anyone who signs his name like that is a jerk. A rich jerk, but a jerk nonetheless. 

Notice that Flaiz hired outside attorneys to prosecute instead of doing his job.

8 thoughts on “Todd Petersen, Esq. — Geauga County Pond Scum

  1. Just his signature alone shows what an egotistical asshole he is…, but why state the obvious?

  2. Flaiz has spent a fortune in outside attorney fees, all who are friends of his, since he took office in 2013. He never tried a criminal case before he was elected and still doesn’t know how. He showed his amateur ability when he charged the thieves in the auditor’s office with 334 felonies and 333 were dismissed.

  3. Is it true that based on Flaiz’s bad advice the commissioners are now in hot water over the new administration building? Instead of spending $50 million, why not rehab the property on Rte. 44? They could have reinforced the walls and build a second floor if they needed more room and there is a lot of space by the archives if they needed extra parking space.

  4. Gliha lost the county $2.4 million and Flaiz was on the ADP board that oversaw Gliha’s office. How is the theft of that much money a misdemeanor when Gliha helped steal it?

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