Capitol Building Blown Up Nov. 7, 1983

By: Smithsonian


On November 7, 1983 the M-19 Communist Organization detonated a bomb in the US Senate in an attempt to kill Republicans.

Susan Rosenberg was arrested for this.  She was pardoned by Bill Clinton. 

She is now an administrator for Black Lives Matter. She does fundraising and administrative work for BLM. 

It appears Bombing the US Capitol to kill Republicans is no big deal. But the LEFT said the so-called capital riot on January 6, 2021 was the ‘worst day in American History’. 

NOT SO! It doesn’t come close to bombing the US Capitol! 

More details worth reading can be seen at

She was also involved in a Brink’s truck holdup in 1983 that resulted in the death of two police officers and a guard.

5 thoughts on “Capitol Building Blown Up Nov. 7, 1983

  1. How does Jan. 6, 2021 compared to 1983? Did they hold hundreds of people in jail for months without charging them? Why are we allowing the crooked Dept. of Justice to do this to our citizens when they allow BLM and Antifa to cause $2 billion dollars worth of damage in Portland and no one went to jail?

  2. THAT was an insurrection. Not people milling around the Capitol building on January 6.

  3. Not many people are usually killed or injured while “milling around “.

  4. Four people died on 1-6, three of natural causes and one, Ashli Babbitt, was murdered by a black Capitol cop they wouldn’t name (Lt,. Michael Leroy Byrd). Officer SIcknick died the next day of a stroke, according to his brother, and soon after two cops committed suicide.

  5. Seems like a lot of injuries from just “milling around”, never mind deaths.

    Treasonous insurrection is so cool.

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