Property Owner Doesn’t Pay Fair Share of Taxes

By: Harriet P.

Weigland’s Lake Farm sold for a million dollars in 2019, according to the Geauga Auditor. But the realtor said differently. Pay close attention to the description of the property with its 104 acres, three houses, party center, outhouses and barns and compare it to the value placed on the property by the county.

According to the Auditor, it sold for $1,002,000 and it says it has 48.30 acres, when it has 104. The value of 104 acres is $152,000 and the three houses, studio, party center (shown above), outbuildings and barns have a value of $153,000 for a total of $305,000. Whose kidding who? Next is the taxes:

The taxes are $5,491.90 a year. Again – whose kidding who? 104 acres and all those buildings??? How much are your taxes? The taxes on a $333,000 house on a half acre of land in Chardon is $6,396 a year. Does anyone see a problem with this?

Does this look like 48 acres to you?

2 thoughts on “Property Owner Doesn’t Pay Fair Share of Taxes

  1. My neighbors here in Chardon paid way more for their home, than we did, and their taxes are lower. It looks like they do not have a mathematical or fiscal computation for property value. It’s all who you know. And since I don’t know anyone, I pay more.

  2. Geauga County is like old fish, it stinks. I guess taxes are only for the little people.

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