John Karlovec: The Pretend Journalist at the Chardon Maple Leaf

By: I know How to Read (first published 2/15/20)

John Karlovec, who went to Harvard, the school that now discriminates against Asians (and whites), thinks he is a journalist because he inherited three local rags from his father. He is Prosecutor James Flaiz’s flunky and only writes what Flaiz wants in the Chardon Maple Leaf. 

Karlovec is part of the Minor Stream Media that ignores the truth. His Chardon, Chester and Kirtland publications are stuffed with puff pieces and the concept of hard-hitting news escapes him.

When did you read in the Chardon Maple Leaf that Flaiz ignored for three years the $2.4 million embezzlement that went on in the Auditor’s office? When did Karlovec mention the hand-written notes of a former employee of the Commissioners describing the twenty-six times Flaiz ignored her warnings? Her warnings started in June 2014.

Karlovec knew it was a lie when he printed that Flaiz uncovered the embezzlement in Sept. 2017. The sworn affidavit by Flaiz’s investigator, Richard Warner, for a search warrant was a phony and he (Warner) committed perjury by signing it. Is that why Flaiz didn’t sign it himself?

Flaiz used to let Karlovec sit in the judge’s chambers to listen to hearings. Not allowed or legal. Most likely it was corrupt former Judge Forrest Burt’s office; Burt also did Flaiz’s bidding. Judge David Ondrey won’t be so easy to manipulate. 

But we will be able to discern the integrity of Ondrey soon. Auditor, come thief, who admitted signing invoices that were illegal, Frank Gliha wants his record sealed and has a hearing coming up in March. Last year Ondrey turned down the request of a former county employee, Jodi Almstead who asked for for her record to be sealed after she stole $2,300 and served 60 days in jail in 2006.

Ondrey’s reason for refusing Jodi Almstead was: “… because she was a public official at the time of her offense.”

Seems that Gliha was also a public official while the $2.4 million theft was in progress. And Gliha didn’t get a single day in jail. But he is a friend of Flaiz and that makes all the difference.

Let’s see what Ondrey does. Let’s see if he is a “man of the people” or a member of the “good old boys network.”

By the way, in 2019 Flaiz made $140,638 a year, plus 32% in benefits. He made $133,941 in 2018. Nice scam if you can get away with it.

UPDATED COMMENT: Judge Ondrey proved that he is as worthless as his predecessor, David Fuhry. He allowed the thieving Gliha’s record to be sealed and at the bidding of the inept and dishonest pudgy prosecutor, Jim Flaiz, refused to allow Jodi Almstead’s record to be sealed and refused her work release. The only saving grace is the Ondrey ages out now and cannot run for judge again once he turns seventy years old.

3 thoughts on “John Karlovec: The Pretend Journalist at the Chardon Maple Leaf

  1. Geauga County poiticians; Garbage In, Garbage Out. There must be at least a couple honest and decent lawyers in Geauga County who can run for Prosecutor and Ondrey’s seat in 2024. Stupica needs to go, too. She is terrible, when she shows up that is. We cannot allow the corruption to continue. All dishonest politics starts at the local level.

    Vote out Congressmen Anthony Gonzalez and David Joyce in 2022. They are worthless RINOs through and through. Joyce was forced upon us. The crooked county GOP stuck us with him.

  2. Flaiz is incompetent and corrupt. The head of the swamp is Joyce. They need to be voted out!

  3. To be perfectly honest, does anyone read his paper? I don’t know anyone who does, so, there you have it.

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