World’s Worst Pandemics

By: Lobbyist for Citizens

Based on the statistics, the Covid-19 virus does not come close to the death statistics of the other pandemics in world history.

For those that still think this virus is a product of zoonosis (transfer of animals to humans), and resulting from someone eating bat soup in a Chinese wet market, you are easily deceived. It was a created in the Wuhan, China lab…period.

It has been used by nefarious globalists to scare the world’s population, and usher in the Great Reset of a New World Order.


One thought on “World’s Worst Pandemics

  1. To All You Fools Who Got the Vaccine — you’re the guinea pigs for an untested vaccine what killed .03 % of the population, most of who had preexisting commordidities, while there wasn’t a single case of flu last year. This is the scam of the century and you followed like lemmings off the cliff and into the sea.

    51% of the population of the world died in the Black Plague in the 1300s and world depopulation is the goal of Bill Gates. Good luck to all who got it. You will need it.

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