Kenston Levy polling shows it will win, by a landslide

BY: Vote “NO” on all levies!

Auburn Township and Bainbridge voted for Biden, both communities have become extreme in their liberalism over the past ten years.  They voted for Biden, and now they are voting in favor of the Kenston School Levy.

Liberals are leaving New York for Florida, hypocrites from Cleveland Heights are moving into Geauga County.  They have BLM signs in their yards, but they do not want to live with blacks.  

Cleveland Heights failed liberal initiatives have decimated housing, schooling and crime is out of control.  So now that they have screwed that city up, they are moving to Geauga County.

Kenston Schools have huge issues of concern.  Do they not have drug problems, crime, bullying, etc.?  I hear they do.  It’s not a good school system, it’s just really expensive to operate that Taj Mahal they mistakenly built.

The Kenston Schools are over funded, a losing proposition.  Open enrollment (which allows people outside the district to send their kids there) is not helping them, just hurting Geauga County.

And now the early polls show that Auburn Township, and especially the Bainbridge community  is voting for the disastrous levy.

One resident stated that she votes for all levies so that the community is too pricey for the average Cleveland resident.  No racism or bias there!!!

2 thoughts on “Kenston Levy polling shows it will win, by a landslide

  1. Residents in the Kenston school district will have a BIG tax increase. The tax increase on a $200,000 would be $450 a year. Choke on that if you vote yes.

  2. My neighbor here by the Rookery is from Cleveland Hts. What a hypocrite she is! She is living in an all white neighborhood, the height of white privilege and touting BLM.

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