Sleazy Ed Ryder: LOVE IS IN THE AIR – PART 2

BY: Java The Hut

In Part 1 you were told about sleazy Ed’s affair with a co-worker at the Geauga Board Of Elections, how he and his wife split up, with her moving to South Carolina to live in a recently purchased home. She had inherited a lot money.

It seems sleazy Ed had lost a good portion of HIS money thru bad investments. His expensive Country Club dues became due and I guess he had to find a way to pay them or lose his membership he cares so much about.

It just so happens that around this same time sleazy Ed goes down to South Carolina to sweet talk his estranged wife (gag) with the intention to re-kindle their relationship. Remember….she had inherited A LOT of money! I wonder…..does all this seem too coincidental? I also wonder if Ed is still hooking up with his co-worker at the Geauga Board Of Elections. From what I understand, she is also married.

I think Ed Ryder is not only a sleaz in his personal life but also in his political life. He deals dirty behind the scenes and pretends to be a conservative Republican when he is actually a RINO (Republican in name only) and he is certainly no constitutionalist.

Sleazy Ed is part of the Geauga swamp which will NEVER be cleaned up as long as people like him remain in it. He needs to get out of politics and concentrate on practicing law. He should keep “practicing” because I don’t think he is very good at it!

He was once part of the law firm Manzanec, Raskin & Ryder (one of the firms the inept Prosecutor James Flaiz hires constantly because he doesn’t know how to do the work). Ryder is now listed on their letterhead as “Of Counsel,” which means an attorney who is hired on a case by case basis. Since they are bogged down with attorneys, Ryder probably does get any work from them.

He better keep his day job and keep trying to fool his wife.

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