True Evil Paid For by Our Government

By: American Life League (provided by Judicial Watch)

Included in the article:

The Humanistic foundation for chimeral and other exotic research using preborn babies perhaps inevitably sprang from the fevered mind of the most outspoken and radical ‘bioethicist’ of all time, Joseph Fletcher, who asserted that:

If the greatest good of the greatest number (i.e., the social good) were served by it, it would be justifiable not only to specialize the capacities of people by cloning or by constructive genetic engineering, but also to bio-engineer or bio-design para-humans or “modified men” as chimeras (part animal) or cyborg-androids (part prostheses). I would vote for cloning top-grade soldiers and scientists, or for supplying them through other genetic means, if they were needed to offset an elitist or tyrannical power plot by other cloners a truly science-fiction situation, but imaginable. I suspect I would favor making and using man- machine hybrids rather than genetically designed people for dull, unrewarding or dangerous roles needed nonetheless for the community’s welfare perhaps the testing of suspected pollution areas or the investigation of threatening volcanos or snow-slides.

People who appeal to Brave New World and Nineteen Eighty-Four and Fahrenheit 451 forget this, that the tyranny is set up first and then genetic controls are employed.

If you have the stomach to click on the link for the entire article, you will learn:

° How experiments are done on live fetuses removed from the body by Cesarean method and have their heads cut off;

° Humanizing mice using parts from aborted babies;

° Why the wouldn’t experiment on monkeys instead because monkeys were “precious because fewer were available” and fetuses are garbage;

° Mating men with hamsters


One thought on “True Evil Paid For by Our Government

  1. Dr. Mengele had nothing on these doctors. They make him look like he wasn’t even trying to be a sadist.

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