Lying Clown Joe Biden The Senile Pretend President

BY: Circus Boy

Under Clown Biden, It’s an incredible first 100 days: Raise the price of insulin! Raise the price of gas! Start a humanitarian disaster at the Southern border! Raise taxes in the midst of a pandemic! So much for “Build Back Better.” Meanwhile, Biden is refusing to engage in press conferences, even after more than 60 days in office.  Americans are curious as to who is really running the country. According to Breitbart News, former President Obama is giving Biden political consultations.  

On Monday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed to reporters that Clown Biden and former President Obama maintain a friendship and regular contact. She also informed the nation that Biden and Obama converse about a series of subject matters; moreover, this is likely to continue through Biden’s phony presidential term. 

Incompetent Clown Biden’s regular talks and consultations with his former boss trying to teach him how to run the country seems to take precedent over time that he should spending on the real issues facing America. 

Right now, the Biden administration is also facing a lawsuit for revoking permit access for Keystone Pipeline. This happened via executive order, something which numerous Republican attorney generals deem as unconstitutional on the premise that Biden stepped beyond his legal bounds by overriding Congress on the pipeline. Thousands of jobs were destroyed.

To all of you DUMB ASS IDIOTS who voted for him: HOW DO YOU LIKE HIM NOW!!? This is just the tip of the ice burg. Just wait !!