Sisters of Notre Dame Chardon, Ohio: Village of the Damned

By: God will Judge the Sisters of Notre Dame

The religious hypocrites of the Sister of Notre Dame, Chardon, are conducting training for all employees to heighten sensitivity  regarding the issue of race.  Now, let’s not confuse them with feeling white guilt, they are simply full blown hypocrites.  There are no blacks living on the campus.  There are no low income subsidized housing units.  They preach about the marginalized, but they really could care less about them.

And daily, and I mean daily, there are nuns who blaspheme President Trump.  They hate him.  

What does the Bible say about hate ?  1 John:
If anyone says, “I love God and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen.”

The Sisters of Notre Dame, Chardon Ohio are liars and much worse.

They don’t hate Satan as much as they hate President Trump.  They preach hate against President Trump, every single day.  Did one of the sisters state that she was glad that COVID came along, because it hurt President Trump’s chance for re-election?  Who could be so vile, so prostituting of their faith in God to be happy that there was a pandemic, in order to promote their liberal political views?  People died, we lost loved ones, people committed suicide as a result of isolation and fear and some mentally crippled religious was glad that we had a pandemic so President Trump could lose?  

My family works for the Sisters of Notre Dame in Chardon.  They laugh at the racial sensitivity training.  You won’t find blacks living on the Provence campus.  You won’t find subsidized housing on the Provence Campus.  Will you find the Brides of Christ?

The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that all nuns are mystically betrothed to Jesus Christ. I don’t think you will find Brides of Christ at the Chardon Sisters of the Notre Dame. 

Our family is seeking employment elsewhere, they can no longer live in Satan’s bin and with his brides.

5 thoughts on “Sisters of Notre Dame Chardon, Ohio: Village of the Damned

  1. I hated the nuns when I was growing up. They were mean to us as small children. Apparently, some things never change. They, too, will have to answer to God. For someone to say they were glad the Chinese covid came along is beyond the pale.

  2. The church has become a political action committee for the socialist movement. They should lose their tax exemption privileges. I do not attend Catholic services anymore. The Catholic Church, by their actions and support of candidates like Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden, are now in support of abortion.

  3. Pope Francis forced Pope Benedict, a wonderful man, out as Pope. It is easy to understand how corrupt Francis is and his planned destruction of the Catholic Church by endorsing abortions and gay marriage if you know his background. He was raised as a communist in Argentina and while he was a Bishop there, and in Italy, he moved pedophile priests from church to church to protect them. That suggests very loudly that not only does he approve of pedophilia that that he is also one of them.

  4. The nuns were absolute bitches to us when we were in grade school. This comes as no surprise to me, it’s the status quo, no surprise here,

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