Is Biden Promoting Child Trafficking?

By: Mrs. Meredith P. Lang

The crisis on the boarder that has been instigated by Biden and the democratic party appears to be more than just an open door policy.  For all intents and purposes, it appears to be child trafficking.

It’s obvious, Biden has created a situation where children are being used by illegal immigrants to enter the country.  There are no safeguards in place to confirm whether or not the children they are dragging across the boarder are related to the illegals.

This is more than illegal entry, I think it’s child trafficking.  The democratic party is the party of Jim Crow, they are the founders of the KKK and now, they are encouraging and supporting human trafficking at the boarder.

One thought on “Is Biden Promoting Child Trafficking?

  1. Democrats are strongly aligned with sex offenders, Michelle Obama said that Harvey Weinstein is a wonderful man. The obamas and now Prince Harry are both in partnership with Netflix. Not a word of concern about the sexual abuse and child porn film “Cuties”.

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