Kenston Schools Try to Stick It to the Taxpayers

By: County Taxpayer

Kenston Schools enrollment is down, administrators’ and teachers’ pay is up and the school system so overbuilt that they can no longer pay the bills. (And no one has been teaching for the past year.) Covid — ya know! So they are going to try to make the entire county pay for their lack of foresight.

VOTE NO ON ISSUE #3 KENSTON LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT – Tax Levy – 6.5 mills – Additional operating expenses and for general permanent improvements

The following is where the taxes go from a taxpayer in the Kenston School District for a $220,000 house. Almost 57% of the property taxes paid currently go to the school system (more than 3X as much as goes to the county).

The following is a breakdown of where the 16.89% that goes to the county from Kenston residents go.

Notice that almost 31% of the money goes to Metzenbaum, which is allegedly decommissioned. The General Fund gets 30% less than Metzenbaum..

6 thoughts on “Kenston Schools Try to Stick It to the Taxpayers

  1. Screw Kenston Schools and the horse they rode in on. Why should we have to pay for their stupidity?

  2. The Kenston district scammed residents when they put that massive levy on the ballot and did not advertise, they contacted only supporters and employees who live in the district!
    now they cannot afford to maintain the monster they birthed so they want to steal more money from hard working residents. They initiated open enrollment this year because ENROLLMENT IS TANKING!

    We are voting no and those teachers and administrators can go to hell.

  3. They also have this on a Primary ballot because they are hoping that people will not be aware of the voting. Tell your friends, neighbors and relatives to go out on May 4th and vote against this garbage legislation that will raise millions of dollars a year for a school system that is incapable of managing its money.

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