Vaccine Unlikely to “Completely Sterilize” a Population

By: Professor John Bell

All 1:48 minutes he says “The vaccines are unlikely to completely sterilize a population. They are very likely to have an affect which works in a percentage, say, 60 or 70%.”

2 thoughts on “Vaccine Unlikely to “Completely Sterilize” a Population

  1. The vaccines sterilize because making an antibody to the spike protein is the same as making an antibody to the placenta. (Same protein) But that is not the main reason to not vaccinate. These mRNA vaccines were never tested with the live virus and the animal trials were skipped. Scientists have been trying to make a corona virus vac for 50 years, but because of the double lipid bi layer the virus cannot be separated from your cells, and an over reactive immune response ensues. ALL the animals in the trials die when they encounter the live virus.

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