The Lincoln Project Is Dead

By: Matt Vespa

(The Lincoln Project, a Republican-led group targeting Trump, is thrown into disarray amid a scandal. It’s purpose was to raise money to used against him but also for a way for one of the members to solicit young men.)

In the words of Saint Morrison, “this is the end.” The Lincoln Project has come crashing down. It’s done. It’s finished. There are more stab wounds in that anti-Trump outfit than Julius Caesar. The group was supposedly a ‘country first’ operation made up of principled conservatives determined to defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 election. There was talk about character and all, but the irony is that as more details come out about this operation—the more Trump sounds like a saint. I’m not kidding. We have stories of sexism and toxic work environments. It’s a trainwreck.

Then, the sexual harassment scandal from one of their co-founders, John Weaver, engulfed LP which led to its eventual demise. Weaver sent a series of highly inappropriate messages to dozens of young men. Some of the men he contacted were underage at the time. The initial contact may not have been lurid, but still part of a pattern of behavior that is not acceptable by any social standard. When did the rest of this crew know about Weaver? We don’t know, but it appears the principals knew a lot longer than they’re letting on, which is something many already has deduced given the meltdown that has ensued.

Co-founder Steve Schmidt said he found out in January about the Weaver allegations. He was not specific at all, and former LP staffers have alleged Schmidt knew a long time ago about Weaver’s behavior. This week, it was announced that Schmidt was resigning from the group. Virtually the entire founding core of this operation has walked away. It’s all over—and thank God for that.

And With That Key Resignation, The Lincoln Project Is Over

Source: AP Photo/Evan Agostini of Steve Schmidt

And Schmidt was quick to scrub this venture off his resume, appearing on Real Time with Bill Maher where he wasn’t even introduced as a co-founder of the Lincoln Project. Maher also pressed him on the money and fundraising aspect of the Lincoln Project because there some questions concerning the mountains of cash that flowed in, with many saying it confirms their allegations of this operation being a masterclass in politics grift. Maher also wondered how effective the Lincoln Project was given that the GOP is firmly behind Trump. Schmidt reacted to Maher’s line of questioning by saying he simply didn’t care how many Republicans voted for Trump. Well, then what exactly did you do here, chief? Also, not true. Schmidt is also no longer a Republican. In fact, anyone who ever worked for this crew shouldn’t consider themselves as such. They all got rich becoming prostitutes for the Democratic Party. 

And then there’s the work environment at LP, which appears to be rife with sexism, toxicity, and all-out civil war between its executive leadership. People seem afraid to speak out, noting that the principals at the Lincoln Project go “nuclear” with their retaliatory measures against those who “undermine the public image” of LP.

The publication noted the lack of women in positions of leadership. The few who were often got cut out of the decision-making process and were straight-up ignored. These were the people who were going to conserve conservatism, huh? Sounds like a sweatshop for a bunch of crybabies who couldn’t adapt to the party’s very blue-collar/populist infusion into the ranks of the base. Their advice wasn’t needed. They bet against the populist moment—and lost. So, they decided to make money in other ways. Well, you reap what you sow. No one is truly sad to see these guys go. They’re bullies, egomaniacs, and overall just vile people who have allegedly made even some of their top donors afraid to pull the plug out of fear of what retaliation they may face from this group.

In the end, they may have won the battle regarding Trump and the 2020 election, but they lost the war. The Lincoln Project is over. The era of Trumpism has only just begun. 

Oh, and John Weaver is reportedly being investigated by the FBI for some of the communications he sent to younger men. Talk about character, huh fellas?

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