My Opinion on Thistle Creek: Let’s Hear Yours

By: Matt Ryan

I grew up in this town more recently than most people reading this. And though I have not seen or felt the impact of development and growth as much as the older generations, I can’t help but feeling like my town is slowly being infected by the urban devolpment. Everytime a tree is cut down and a concrete slab is put in it takes a piece of our old Town away.

While convenience is enjoyed and new tax dollars help fund plans, I ask what it’s worth. I might not be a politician or have a Master’s in economics or finance, I believe that the people in power in our community push for these developments because their overspending and reckless choices are easier to cover up with increased tax revenue from either new business buildings or new housing developments.

If the people of Chardon wanted to live in Mentor they would move there. I hear Great Lakes Mall is doing well these days. I can see the infection coming from mentor to Concord and hitting us clear as day. The traffic has been getting worse and that will lead to opening of roads and more traffic lights for safety. I truly wonder how many people advocate for these changes being made.