Capitol Building Attack was a Setup

By: Proud Conservative

From the article:

“The response to Wednesday’s chaos stood in sharp contrast. For one, Capitol Police were not armed in riot gear to begin with, as law enforcement on crowd control duty have been at almost every large protest against police brutality in D.C. in recent months. When the mob breached the guardrails, the building was locked down, yes. Tear-gas canisters were shot, and yes, some police inside the chambers drew their guns. But others tried to “let them do their thing,” according to the New York Times. Videos also emerged of some police personnel opening up the barricades and taking selfies with the intruders once they were inside the building.

“The National Guard, which had been on standby for days, was absent toward the beginning. The FBI’s SWAT team took some time to get there. The Department of Homeland Security, which had been on a crusade to protect federal buildings during the George Floyd protests, had a similarly delayed, meek reaction.”