Geauga County Board of Elections: Love is in the Air!

By: George Jetson

Is Ed Ryder leaving his stunning wife, Diane, for some gold digger at the Board of Elections?  Didn’t Diane just inherit some big bucks and buy a home in the Carolinas?

The real question is how did these the Ryders, two abhorrent creatures, hook up in the first place?  And more importantly, who would want to snuggle up to that cheap bastard, Ed?

Ed was laughing, nervously when he campaigned for the Board of Elections job because he needs the healthcare. The real question is: does his healthcare plan provide condoms?  If not, let’s take up a collection.

Ed Ryder has been sucking funds from the public teet for far too long.  

I was shocked that he campaigned “pressured” everyone to support his reappointment at the Board of Elections.  He “tee-heed” his appointment and said, “I really need the healthcare…”  I’ll bet he does.

This is the shameless, ongoing good old boys club that funds the losers of this county.  Ryder is a lawyer, you would “think” that he would have saved some of the money he has syphoned from honest taxpayers and be capable of paying for his own healthcare.

I’m quite certain that he cannot rely on his wife Diane to bring home the bacon, because she ate it on the way home from the grocery store.

Why is Ryder whining about needing healthcare. He is a licensed attorney:

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