Geauga Veteran Service Commission Closed by the Board of Health

By: Jennifer T. Osuelo

Tom Quade, the Neo-Covid Nazi Director of the Geauga County Health Department has closed the Department of Veteran Services due to COVID-19.

When people heard about the closure, the asked, “Geauga County has a Department of Veteran Services?”  You wouldn’t know it by their track record.  They certainly didn’t help my brother-in-law when he asked for help.  They told him that he should keep quiet and be grateful for what he has. How’s that for support for our men and women who served their country?

That nasty Michelle, Director of the program, is nasty all day long.  And yet, she named my neighbor who owns Eddy’s Fruit Farm an “honorary veteran”.  Nice guy, nice neighbor, but not a veteran.  She treats him alot better than she treated our family who served in the Army, Air Force and Coast Guard.

Michelle was horrible to Dawn too.   We all loved Dawn, but she had to leave and we don’t blame her.

Best thing Michelle could do is go back to that pig farm she was raised on.  Pretty much, that’s where she belongs.

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