Chardon Ohio Football Team: Go Get ‘Em Boys!!


Chardon High School in Ohio has always had a good football team, and back in the 90’s had an undefeated record and a #1 ranking in Division III. This year they have a phenomenal super great team!! Mitch Hewitt, a great football player, who played on the team back then, was instrumental in leading the team to that victory and ranking. Mitch Hewitt is now the Chardon High football coach and hopefully will lead the team to yet another victory and State title tonight as they play  St. Francis DeSales.

Not only should Coach Hewitt and all the boys on the team be applauded for all the hard work they put into making Chardon a phenomenal super great team, but also applauded for taking a stand in supporting their local law enforcement by carrying a “thin blue line flag” onto the field at one of their games. GO, GO, GO TEAM!! I know all of Chardon is behind you!

Unfortunately, WHO SHOULD NOT be applauded is Superintendent Michael Hanlon who banned the “the thin blue line flag” in disrespect to local law enforcement and the team.

2 thoughts on “Chardon Ohio Football Team: Go Get ‘Em Boys!!

  1. Congratulations Hilltoppers. First State Championship football win in twenty-six years. And in double-overtime.

  2. I watched the game tonight and all I can say is WOW,WOW,WOW!!!!!!

    The Chardon boys came from behind and never gave up! They were awesome!

    I don’t watch pro sports anymore because of all the “taking a knee” bullshit from spoiled overpaid assholes that disrespect our flag and country so I have taken up watching college and high school sports and I think it’s more exciting.

    The Chardon/St. Francis DeSales game was one of the most exciting games I have seen in years and that includes pro games. This was better than the pro’s!


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