Left Tries to Screw “Wreaths Across America”

By: Susan Daniels (American Thinker 11/20/20)

Bureaucrats tried to interfere with a significant memorial event held every year: the placing of wreaths at Arlington Nation Cemetery.  Thousands of volunteers go to more than 2,400 cemeteries across the country every year on December 19th to place wreaths on military graves in an event that began in 1992.

The Worcester family, tree farmers of Harrington, VT, had extra wreaths that year and arranged to have them taken to Arlington and placed on graves that were receiving little, if any, attention.  A ceremony was held at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and this continued for the next fifteen years.  A photo taken of the event in 2005 awakened the spirit of those across the country who also wanted to honor their fallen heroes. Wreaths Across America was born.

By 2014, Wreaths Across America volunteers were placing wreaths on 226,525 graves across the country.

On November 16th, the placing of wreaths in Arlington was arbitrarily canceled by Karen Durham-Aguilera, Executive Director of the Office of Army National Cemeteries. It was done under the guise of safety from COVID-19 for the volunteers.  Her decision was only going to affect Arlington National Cemetery and the Soldier’s and Airmen’s Home National Cemetery.  A suspicious person could suspect this was a trial run for the future of Wreath Across America.

One day later, President Trump tweeted: “I have reversed the ridiculous decision to cancel Wreaths Across America at Arlington National Cemetery. It will go on!” 

What a disgraceful decision announced by Durham-Aguilera, and what a slam dunk by President Trump, who continuously reminds 73,000,000 of us why we voted for him.

Chardon resident Susan Daniels has been a licensed private investigator in Ohio for the past twenty-seven years.  She uncovered Barack Obama’s use of a stolen Connecticut social security number and revealed that Osama bin Laden died in 2001 from kidney disease not from a SEAL attack.

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