New Adminstration Building to cost $291.26 sq. ft.

By: Pissed off taxpayer

The News-Herald reports that the administration building to be built in Claridon will cost $30 million. But how much more will it cost to furnish?

The following information is from:

“It’s important to understand that not all types of construction cost the same value per square foot; it varies based on location throughout the United States. For basic structures, the commercial construction costs are composed of building shape, design elements, floor area, materials & supplies used, and overall quality. Typically, larger buildings cost less per square foot than smaller buildings. For a single-story office building, the median range in construction costs is $160-$170 per square foot.

“Convenience stores and mall structures are less expensive because of their simplistic architecture compared to other building types. The commercial construction cost for these types of buildings is approximately $100 per square foot. Restaurants, specifically fast-food restaurants, are increasing in costs due to the recent fast-food trends incorporating the boutique experience. Kitchen expenses rack up prices for construction costs to a median of approximately $200 per square foot. 

“In terms of location-specific expenses, the climate is an important factor to keep in mind. For instance, in colder climates, a building needs to be engineered specifically so it can handle large amounts of snow. Additionally, different areas are more expensive than others. New York wears the crown for being the most expensive city in the US to construct any building: commercial or residential. “

Do we need another White Elephant like the Sheriff’s Department building???

And how much is the lawsuit going to cost us now that the City of Chardon is suing over the move?

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