President Donald Trump Has Won Re-Election!!

By: Fair Election

Yes! President Trump has handily won the election if you are only counting the legitimate votes. Then, towards the end, with the influx of illegitimate “mail in votes” and other devious illegitimate schemes, his victory was greatly diminished.

This is called VOTER FRAUD! President Trump knew this was coming and had warned America about it many times, months ago. In the 2016 Presidential election the arrogant Communist/Marxist Demoncrats learned a valuable lesson from Trump’s very unexpected win…..they won’t be able to beat him in a fair election. Voter fraud will be the only way! The Demoncratic party is loaded with incompetent status quo morons who are incapable of running this country, let alone deal with foreign governments. They will be the downfall of America as we knew it…..IF WE LET THEM!!!

It doesn’t take a genius to see what happened here. The Demoncrats waited towards the end of the vote counting to size things up letting them know how to proceed. If you notice, the last several states (Pennsylvania, Oregon, Arizona, Las Vegas, Georgia) that are making the difference for corrupt Biden are run by Demoncrats! That is no coincidence! Trump won those states!…. then all of a sudden his lead was severely diminished with the pouring in of fraudulent mail in votes. Don’t confuse these with legitimate absentee votes.

There is vast mounting evidence of voter fraud and many people coming forward. Federal Supreme Court Judge Alioto has ordered Pennsylvania to separate the “mail in votes” from the other votes. We will wait to see how this all unfolds. the votes have not all been counted yet. In spite of this, Biden is announcing his victory.

THINK ABOUT THIS!!! When have you ever seen any candidate run for any office and put zero effort into it? Biden was in the basement most of the time. Was it because he knew the fix was in and didn’t have to worry about it….that it was in the bag? How is it rational to believe that a person (Biden) could win that has trouble drawing 100 people to a rally, compared to a person routinely drawing 30 to 60 thousand people where ever he goes (Trump).

Any of you who are not brain dead yet or not dumbed down by the Communist news should have no trouble getting the picture.

5 thoughts on “President Donald Trump Has Won Re-Election!!

  1. Biden has not won. The Electoral College doesn’t even meet until next month.

  2. 134,000 votes may be ineligible in Georgia because people moved. Biden leads by 10,000.

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