Hilter and the DemocRATtic Party

By: Chardon Resident, Home for Sale

President Trump has proven to be the most amazing President in the history of this country.  His achievements are unprecedented and millions of Americans are so proud of him and his beautiful family.  He deserves all three, and more nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize.

One of his greatest accomplishments was the fact that he put an end to the endless wars.  He has been imminently focused on bringing our military men and women home, where they belong.

And the democrats hate this…, but so do many Republicans.

The “Establishment” Republicans are losing revenue when we have peace, they don’t want peace, they need war to line their pockets.  They hate President Trump for putting an end to America’s involvement in endless wars.

And while the crazed democrats voted against President Trump, it was the establishment Republicans who worked against the President because he refuses to support their self-serving, Anti-American agendas.

And while the Republicans are mainly focused on greed, it is the democrats who are much more focused on hatred and vitriole.  It has been referred to as  T.D.S., Trump Derangement Syndrome and I am certain you have been witness to these crazy people exhibiting their deranged, maniacal behavior.

But for the majority of democrats, this hatred is much more, it is for them organic and intrinsic to their character.  They inflicted endless, baseless attacks against our President.   We had to witness constant flailing and histrionic behavior from them over the past four years. But for them, the hatred runs much deeper.

The democrats are not so dissimilar from Adolf Hitler.   They have the same vulgar hate for President Trump, that Hitler felt gave him permission to torture and kill the jewish people.

The democrats are no different from Adolf Hitler, same twisted hatred, different target.

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