Smart Meters invasion in Russell Township

By: Gt Mace

Forced  smart meters electricity farce coming soon.This crap started about 5 years ago, I remember reading about bills skyrocketing.  Companies were creating all kinds of problems. Anybody out there know what really is going on, can this be stopped? By the way, we received the letter From Ellington Energy 10/20/20.Stating that 700,000 of these gizmos will be installed in Geauga…

5 thoughts on “Smart Meters invasion in Russell Township

  1. Keep your eyes closed Killowad, keep them closed. Click your heels a few times and maybe you’ll be back in Kansas…..

  2. Who the blank wants to go to Kansas?

    And Dorothy, stop doings those nasty things with poor Toto. That’s extreme cruelty to animals.

  3. Projecting your personal issues onto others is not healthy, Killowad. That’s called denial. Keep your eyes closed and put your fingers in your ears so you can’t hear or see a difference of opinion that would offend your fragile ego.

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