Chardon Redwood USA’s rental GHETTO!

By: Chardon Resident

Taken from the A.P.:
“After a lengthy presentation Oct. 5, Chardon Planning Commission approved Redwood USA LLC’s concept plans for 91 attached residential single-family units on Seventh Avenue in Chardon. The development will consist of 20 buildings with two to six units per building on 19.5 acres owned by local Park Leasing Group LTD.”

Chardon is desperate for taxes and student enrollment, so they approved the building of their very own ghetto establishment!

The worst thing anyone can bring into a community are large groups of renters, people who have no real commitment to the community.  Look at what happened to Euclid, shortly after the development of all of those high rises…, it’s a ghetto.  This will draw every loser looking for a cheap way to escape Euclid, East Cleveland, Cleveland, Maple Hts., and every other failing community.

The Chardon Planning Commission is filled with assholes.  They see that Chardon is struggling for income and will be losing more when the county offices move to Munson Township.  This is the answer to their prayers, the creation of a hotbed of idiots who will bring nothing to this community other than drugs, crime, domestic violence and a total drain on child protective services, the police and juvenile court.

In the short term, they will see some bucks from this debacle, but in the long term, this could be the beginning of the end for Chardon.

6 thoughts on “Chardon Redwood USA’s rental GHETTO!

  1. If you hate this just wait until Biden and libs get in and force section 8 housing in your neighborhood.

  2. Of course it will be in part Section 8 housing and there goes the City of Chardon. Low-lifes will not be able to afford $1,600/mo. rent but our tax money will. We will get to watch the loser Chardon Police Chief Niehus not know what he is doing. He would never have gotten the job without his father.

  3. Was this the housing plan that was presented to Auburn Township? Didn’t they turn it down?

  4. Chardon City is already one of the seediest places in Geauga. They have more crime, drug issues, low income housing, lower property values, etc., than other areas. This comes as no surprise. Sadly for the residents, you will have 91 families voting for that crazy Chardon Bond Issue to rebuild the schools. What an incredible waste of money that will be and it’s not for the children, it is more to sustain the salaries of the overpaid teachers and administrators.

  5. Who is behind this Redwood Group? Is it Bridget Matheny? Does she have a hand in this? Is it Do anybody, Thrash everyone, Din done it more???…that politically driven law firm that has really raked in the money from Geauga taxpayers. Dan’s daughter works there, doesn’t she? Is it her? Who is behind this dirty mess? Is whacked out Nancy still involved with Chardon City? Who is behind this Redwood Group?

  6. This kind of housing will be in every neighborhood in our country once Biden and Harris get in
    Part of the dems agenda.

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