Cong. Dave Joyce and Pros. Jim Flaiz are Scum: Don’t Vote for Either

By: Disgusted taxpayer

Yes, Flaiz is unopposed in November. Yes, Joyce and Flaiz are both going to win re-election. But if you vote for either one, it looks like you have confidence in them. And they don’t deserve it.

What has David Joyce done for you? According to Conservative Review, he voted conservative 49% of the time, the lowest rating for any Republican in OH.

Joyce wormed his way into congress and none of us got a chance to do anything about it. He and the late Steve LaTourette underhandedly manipulated and, with the help of some equally sleazy Democrats, maneuvered him onto the ballot.

Steve LaTourette was dying and knew for almost a year that he had pancreatic cancer. Dying didn’t stop him from pulling one last, low-class political trick. LaTourette, Joyce and others met at the Gates Mills home of Umberto Fedeli.

Fedeli got into trouble when he was the chair of the Ohio Turnpike Commission. Fedeli was sole owner of the Fedeli Insurance Group and the companies that got contracts to do business with the turnpike somehow “preferred” to buy all their insurance from his company. Fedeli skated on that with the help of his friends and his quick decision to leave the Turnpike Commission. A thinking person would suspect that Congressman LaTourette played a role in Fedeli not being charged with anything.

When that sleazy group met in Gates Mills, it was decided that LaTourette would not resign until it was passed the point in the election process where the voters could decide who the candidate would be. LaTourette did not resign until July 2012. Joyce was the benighted candidate of the Republican Party. Fedeli is the type of person Dave Joyce takes his orders from.

What has Flaiz done for you? He is now asking for more money from the commissioners and is whining that the public defender is also making $140,00 (plus benefits) just like Flaiz does. Flaiz thinks it’s unfair. 

He wants to hire another lawyer and says he can’t afford it. He currently has three criminal investigators, each earning $77,000, plus an additional 32% in benefits on his staff. According to the OH Supreme Court, there were only THREE criminal trials held in all of 2019 in Geauga County. Flaiz doesn’t need any full-time investigators. He can hire hourly help as needed and stop paying over $300,000 in pay and benefits to people who sit around. He could fire them, hire another attorney and have money left over.

In June 2018, he promised the county commissioners that he would spend less money for outside law firms. Flaiz is inept and in all the cases he had in Geauga County before he was elected prosecutor, he never tried a single criminal case. Instead, he has spent hundred of thousands of dollars for outside lawyers. The Geauga Auditor embezzlement case alone is approaching $100,000 for outside lawyers. He should have handled it.

Flaiz lost the country more than a million dollars when he ignored warnings for three years that something was going on at the auditor’s. Then he lied and said we lost $1.7 million, when it really was more than $2.4. He said he was going to recover all the money lost, instead he got $465,000 from the insurance company. Sum total not recovered on losses now exceeds $2 million.

Flaiz is a liar and lacks the skills to be the prosecutor. He needs to be removed from office by any means necessary.

17 thoughts on “Cong. Dave Joyce and Pros. Jim Flaiz are Scum: Don’t Vote for Either

  1. Flaiz needs to be held accountable. We need to petition to get rid of him before he costs Geauga County even more money and injustice. He can’t even run his own office.

  2. He can’t do the job. He has no legal skills and got the job without ever trying a criminal case.

  3. I’m a life long conservative Republican, and hate the thought of voting for Dave Joyce.
    He was handed the job,does nothing for us, and will walk away a multimillionaire.
    He’s part of the swamp

  4. Next Joyce is going to be working with the marijuana companies like Boehner did. He is already involved with them. Don’t vote for him.

  5. David Joyce. Because he pretends to be a Republican but is a lying sack. We could vote a liberal back out of office in two years.

  6. We need to get of Joyce in the2022 primary
    The rinos need to put up a true conservative that will work for us and not for himself

  7. Why do we have to keep saying “vote for Joyce, you have no choice?” I will never vote for Joyce or Flaiz! Instead of doing the people’s work they are disgraceful greedy hypocrites.

  8. Yep, lying and corrupt Republicans. Par for the course.

    Vote for the Democratic Party!!!

    MANA. Make America Normal Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Yeah, Biden hardly has dementia, does he? He can never ever remember where he is and they are afraid to bring him out in public. In forty-seven years he has done nothing but fondle little girls’ breasts. He is a real pervert. And Kamala Harris’s former employees said she was the most horrible person they had even worked for. She is the Queen Bitch. She makes Hillary look good. She climbed the later of success on her knees.

  10. Lets not get personal about Harris.
    Not nice even though she is a horrible person.
    She and the radical left will transform our country into a third world disaster.

  11. If you don’t want to get personal about Harris, then don’t. If I want to, I will. It’s called First Amendment right.

  12. I’m sorry, but the First Amendment doesn’t give you the right to be stupid.

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