Geauga County Judges DON’T Work Hard for The Money

The above charts are from the Ohio Supreme Court database. They show that both Geauga Common Pleas Court Judges Carolyn Paschke and David Ondrey each had only “ONE” criminal trial last year. Paschke doubled her workload because she also had a bench trial.

So how much do these judges get paid annually? They are paid with a combination of county and state funds a salary of $150,000 each, plus 32% more in benefits.

Do they ever even show up at the courthouse?

Good luck to every small business in Geauga County trying to survive the fraudulent Covid scam but at least the judges don’t have to worry. Maybe they’ll even lend you a couple of bucks.

One thought on “Geauga County Judges DON’T Work Hard for The Money

  1. The judges do exactly what Flaiz tells them to do. They just go along with any corrupt plea deal he makes. They are all a joke!

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