A Leader Not a Mask


Let’s begin this article with some very telling but not too unexpected vitriol from the Demonrats and their cohorts in the media. As we all have heard from just about every quarter, Trump, contracting the China Virus had it coming. They say he took it lightly and put himself into positions where he would sooner or later catch the infection.
Pondering this we need to go back to why Trump ran for President. Why he is President and why getting reelected is part of it. Everyone, whether he be a patriot or a left wing nut job knows that Donald J. Trump took on the Deep State and the corrupt political system, not to enrich himself, but to save our country. He will be the only president in history, save for Washington and Kennedy that will leave office with less wealth than when they started.
Trump knew that his business would take a hit. His country was more important to him than his personal wealth. He knew he was putting not just his wealth in jeopardy but also his life and the well being of his family. This is not the action of a selfish man, but one of a true patriot.
Fools have tagged Trump’s activity which put him in danger of getting infected as careless and reckless. His actions were exactly the opposite. They were borne of bravery and courageous leadership.
Donald Trump knew, from before he came down that escalator, that he was putting his life on the line. Still he took the reigns of leadership in his hands and began the war for the protection of America and our Constitution.
His first 4 year term has seen relentless attacks, lies and threats. It has also seen amazing accomplishments which have been not just unprecedented in history but shocking to the the deep state. The first term was just the first half of the war. It was filled with battles won and lost, but mostly won.
Whether or not this virus was part of a grand conspiracy or it simply presented an opportunity to the left to be used to stop Trump’s raging economy and unflappable support, Trump will not ever wilt or fade from his objective as a result of it.    
He has put all he has into this war to save our liberty and was not about to fold up his tent in the face of threats from the left. He sure as hell had no intention of cowering in the face the China virus. It was just another battle in the war which started on his first day in office and will not end until his last day after 8 years.
So while the Demonrats, Biden and the cowards working to unseat Trump are shivering in their basements behind useless masks, our leader, our President has not. Like all great leaders and generals like George Washington, Chief Crazy Horse and yes, Robert E. Lee, he is mounted on a large white horse, out in the open, leading his troops.
The leftists call his actions careless, we know they are brave and courageous. Two words Biden and the left have no concept of.
They can choose to cower in their basements, stick their faces under masks, my President, Donald J. Trump will not.

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