New Libraries Will Cost Taxpayers $45 Million

By: Taxpayer

From an August 7, 2017 Maple Leaf article: “County Library Board Authorizes Legal Action if Commissioners Delay Bond Issue Vote”

Commissioner Tim Lennon: “
“I can only speak for myself, but this was the first (Aug. 1 meeting) I had heard of the enormity of the proposed request,” Lennon said. “I had just seen the auditors certificate of estimated average annual property tax levy, declaring the issuing of bonds in the amount of $24,000,000 ​and retire the principal over 30 years. This levy will collect $1,400,000 per year, costing an additional $21,000,000 in interest, for a grand total $45,000,000.” Lennon said when the levy was explained to the commissioners in April, the library board implied the levy was nothing more than the cost of a hardbound book from Barnes & Noble — a 0.5-mill levy costing $15 per $100,000 of property value.

He also noted (Library Director Ed) Worso neglected to mention the two current 1.0-mill levies the library system is collecting, generating nearly $5 million annually.

Lennon added: “How does a $14.5 million library help the people of Chesterland? Chardon? Middlefield?” he asked, noting taxpayers in the Cardinal Schools district currently are paying on a levy for a library their community rallied around, but are now being asked to essentially pay for other communities as well.”

And, of course, it got on the ballot and the suckers in Geauga County voted for it. Why didn’t Bainbridge and Thompson pay for their own libraries if they need them?

So Geauga County ends up with two more White Elephants it didn’t want and the taxpayers didn’t need. We already have the embarrassingly huge foyer in the oversized Sheriff’s Department building. The county should rent it out for skating parties or bowling league tournaments.

6 thoughts on “New Libraries Will Cost Taxpayers $45 Million

  1. The Library board members threatened litigation. They need to be investigated to confirm if they have ties to the contractors.

  2. Bainbridge Township Trustee Lorrie Sass Benza, or as we refer to her here in Bainbridge, “Lorrie Ass Benza”, was the one who told the library board to file a mandamus. Bainbridge is over taxed and has lost most of it’s country charm. They are the Township of taxes and traffic! And they have sewage issues, not sewage like Benza, but sewer back up.

  3. Forget about this library, nobody wants to live in Bainbridge. And forget about the big bad jail in Chardon. I’ll tell you what you needs to be written about is the new “county office” project. Oh my God, that liberal democrat Dvorak and the other two liberals, Spidielari and Lennon are going to break the bank on this project. The commissioners are all ass kissers. They would kiss anybody’s ass to keep their healthcare and pensions. Financially, they are all losers. Spidieleri, or however you spell that that mama’s boy name, had no pension, had no healthcare. And he is cheap as shit. He is making a killing selling hand warmers to senior retirement homes. Dvorak has his nose so far up Nancy McCarthurs’ backside, a rose does not smell sweet to this guy. And Lennon has no credentials. Did this guy have to get a job or he would lose his inheritance? Lennon has no credentials and looks like a scared parrot. We will be stuck paying for their mistakes for decades. But this Morgan guy, he has class. Morgan, the Administrator and Christine, the clerk, they have real credentials and class. An asset to the county. Who the hell voted for Dvorak? I know I didn’t. He is a mouth breather. And I would never vote for that Ralph guy, just a big baby Italian “mammone.” Ralph is a cheapskate. He browbeat a poor woman for her home, she had cancer and was ill asked for more time, but he said “NO”. Nice. Remember this when the next election comes.

  4. How much is the library with the soaring ceiling going to cost to heat and air condition?

  5. Listen up people, this Library Board spent more per square foot on this ugly building than the cost of structures/building in Manhattan, New York!!!

  6. Anyone surprised this unneeded boondoggle was built in Bainbridge where the democrats have infiltrated the most other then Russell? Not me. In a day and age of reducing DVD’s and actual paper books they built this massive structure as a massive statement to their egos. Reminds you of comments made to truck owners over compensating for something. Only the best of everything in the liberalville of Geauga County, brand new schools now a brand new library. What’s next of course a brand new senior center, of course continuing levies to cover their operating budget. All for public employees and antiquated forms of media.

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