Chagrin Falls Nut, Eileen Luhta McFarlane, Drank the Kool-Aid

By: Trump supporter

In response to a letter President Trump sent out to area Republicans, which was published on Facebook, the following is a response from the above mentioned crazy person, Eileen Luhta McFarlane, 58 May Ct., Chagrin Falls, OH 44022, 440-796-6922:

Someone on Facebook shared the letter you sent to South Russell residents. First of all, it was erroneous, Democrats (I am one) are not for de-funding the police. Biden has made that clear. And the little nugget added about George Floyd. But nothing about outrage over white supremacists – those “very fine people,” or white evangelicals who believe that God only likes white people!! And no, Democrats do not support violence and destruction during peaceful protests. They should be arrested and charged. No doubt the angry Trumpers have a hand in that, carrying their assault rifles.

I am amazed (and quite honestly, frightened) at how Trumpers are willing to believe anything Trump says, without checking the facts first. So, when I run across a Trumper, I ask “So you support him, then you must also embrace his “values,” which include (all backed up by video and Tweets)”:

° It’s ok that he lied to the American people about Covid, took zero leadership or responsibility to protect the lives of Americans (maybe drink disinfectant and it will “magically go away.”) Over 200,000 precious lives lost. It’s ok to ignore the science and the experts

° It’s ok to lie constantly (but when called on those lies with proof and evidence, it’s fake news)

° It’s ok to be racist, and cheer on white supremacists

° It’s ok to cheer on conspiracy theorists – like the one about Q and the deep-dish pizza-eating pedophiles (do I have that right ha ha ha)

° It’s ok to disparage our brave military, alive and dead, as well as Senator McCain, before and after he died

° It’s ok to disparage women, their looks, and it’s ok to grab their private parts

° It’s ok to lock up Latina children

° It’s ok to break the law and treat the presidency like a dictatorship

° Speaking of dictators, it’s ok to cozy up to our enemies and turn our backs on our Allies (the world is laughing at us) and our standing on the world stage is weakened

° And the latest about his finances, you want this guy “leading” our economy

° It’s ok that Trump said he’ll throw a hissy if he doesn’t win, versus an American-loving peaceful transfer of power

° It’s ok when he says voting by mail is corrupt (it’s not) but it’s ok for HIM to vote by mail

I could go on and on, but it simply amazes me that so many people are acting like Jim Jones followers. My personal belief is that Trump has given simple-minded people permission to be racist, hateful, and violent – and they LOVE that. I call him the “great divider,” because he thrives on controversy, anger, and lies. But that’s your guy! I happen to believe in God (not photo-ops in front of churches) and I am praying for a PEACEFUL America, like we had BEFORE he took office, that brings all of us together instead of tearing us apart.

I realize you are a Trumper, and there’s no talking to a Trumper, but I can only hope that you will READ, LEARN, and PRAY. God bless!!

9 thoughts on “Chagrin Falls Nut, Eileen Luhta McFarlane, Drank the Kool-Aid

  1. What idiot would vote for someone who behaved like he did in last night’s “debate”?

    We have a crazy, lying, twice divorced, corrupt, rapist, racist, spoiled brat “leading” our country. He has made us a joke to the rest of the world. Why anyone would believe he is a Christian, when he has violated a majority of the Ten Commandments is unbelievable.

  2. Yeah, listen to dementia Joe. He said that 100,000,000 people in this country had pre-existing conditions. We have 330 million people in the entire country. So 1/3 of our country has pre-existing conditions?

    He could not have gotten through the night without being wired. You can see it on “Democrats Suck: Joe Was Wired.”

    Joe Biden has done nothing in 47 years in government. He and his cocaine addict son have take money from Russia and China. Biden claims he is Catholic and fully supports abortion.

    He is also a pedophile and a pervert. You are the one who really sucks.

  3. There is not a dildo large enough for your cavernous vagina, that seems to be your problem.

  4. Eileen sounds like she has anger issues. I hope she is not permitted to be around small animals. Chagrin Falls seems to be a hotbed of Zoloft driven terrorists. Check your meds . Everyone should know this crazy women thinks that Sprint is targeting her and messing with her phone messages…, she is one of the worst possible neighbors I have ever known.

  5. EILEEN LUHTA MCFARLANE, possibly the best reason that would make anyone support abortion.

  6. Actually, I feel that I was very civil. You should have seen what I originally wrote about donkey ass Eileen.

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