Geauga County Liberals Migration from Cleveland Hts.

By: Rookery Neighbor

If you see a BLM sign in Munson or Chardon, it most definitely belongs to the liberal racists who care so much about African Americans, they just don’t want to live with them.  Some are cozied up in the vicinity of the Rookery and just spewing fake concern for racism, all the while living in an upscale all white hood.

My nephew attends Cleveland Hts. High School and there is a “deaf interpreter” or whatever her inflated title is…, and she has a Martin Luther King sign in her yard, but would NEVER live in Cleveland Hts.  She wants to be “safe” as she put it, nestled in the all white Geauga County community.  But she supports BLM (from a distance.)

There is a huge number of fake liberals who have moved to Geauga from Cleveland Hts. and they are bringing the same leftwing liberal mentality that destroyed Cleveland Hts.

Racists, every one of them.

My neighbor has a BYE DON sign in her yard, they are wealthy, white and they care so much about the black community, so much, they just don’t want to live with them.  Ask her or her slithering husband. 

Cleveland Hts. liberals are voting for every tax that comes along, but they moved because it was too expensive to live in Cleveland Hts.

Idiot liberals are leaving California, New York and in Ohio, they are leaving communities like Cleveland Hts., and bringing their failed liberal views and policies with them to Geauga County.

4 thoughts on “Geauga County Liberals Migration from Cleveland Hts.

  1. BLM means bullshit matters. I laugh at the BLM signs of the superior beings in Geauga County who put these stupid signs in their yards. If BLM, then 28,000,000 black babies would not have been aborted since Roe v Wade. And if BLM really mattered, why aren’t these lily whites moving to the inner city to rehabilitate the place. It’s so easy to be noble from a distance.

  2. Cleveland Hts. loss is our loss. The liberals from Cleveland Hts. are hugely hypocritical and hateful. And now, Geauga is stuck with them.

  3. Over the summer I drove consistently down Caves Rd towards the West Woods for walks and would always see morons with their BLM sign in their front yard and another near the intersection of Wilson Mills and Heath with a “We Trust Dr. Fauci” sign. Never mind that Dr. Fauci said you could get Aids from just being in the same room as someone else who had it. The teenagers who came in from Cuyahoga for their BLM protest at Chillocothe and Mayfield (I checked the license plates, most out of county). We’re going to have to become very active in Geauga or else we will be overrun by these morons. Make it so difficult that their agenda cannot get through and it has to start now. For too long the schools were ignored and the children were indoctrinated. Take them out! Starve the beast. Several key posts in the county are currently run by like-minded morons which need to be removed at the booth. Show up to their meetings and be relentless and they will leave. There is still time…….

  4. The people with BLM signs prove that they support the killing of babies. BLM kill babies! Those with signs in front of their houses are ignorant or evil. I prefer to think that those who plant signs are just ignorant.

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