5 thoughts on “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

  1. She said some hateful, spiteful things about conservatives and our President. Good riddance to her scathing bias.

  2. I have lived briefly with these hideous jews in their israHELL year ago. I witnessed some the most horrible crimes against innocent defenseless children you can imagine in the darkest part of your mind. These are NOT ‘human beings’ . They are EXACTLY what Christ outed them as in Scripture in the Gospel Of John as He called the CLEARLY – “THE CHILDREN OF SATAN!”

    Ginsberg was a cancer in the soul of our nation – an ‘asset’ from hell whose only goal in life was to spread as mus evil as she could for her ‘father’ in HELL! Apx. 55 years ago I served this nation in our elite Green Berets. I was in IsraHELL with the CIA briefly but long enough to witness crimes against children SO vile and SO degenerate that if ALL the remaining DECENT people in this dying nation would have seen the TRUTH of the hatred of the jew for our nation and of Christ and TRUE Christians – jew would be hunted on the streets for the vile enemies of ALL decent mankind.

    Ginsberg was their ‘poster girl’ of Christian hatred whose ‘greatest’ accomplishment in her evil life was the extinction of OVER THIRTY MILLION INNOCENT DEFENSELESS HELPLESS HUMAN BABIES!

    Not satisfied with that genocide of children – this degenerate filth scum of Satan ( READ JOHN-8-44) THEN also decided to RUIN the lives children that had escaped her ‘infant genocide’ by dooming these innocent kids to be raised by filthy degenerate homosexual perverts that she so dearly loved and supported. FORCING a child to live under the care of degenerate filth , posing as ‘parents’ -is a psychological death sentence!

    Where the MILLIONS of righteously ANGRY CHRISTIANS when this jew scum was having our children murdered by the MILLIONS!

    Ginsberg the jew Troll was a s ugly on the INSIDE as she was on the outside. Rot in hell BITCH!

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