St. Anselm Church, Chesterland: “Sporchi Ipocriti!”

By: Not a parishioner ANYMORE..

I never liked Fr. Sweeney, he is a bitter person.  The church started to take a downward turn under him.  Our children are out of the school now, but I should have taken them out sooner.  Now they are telling us that not only are we irredeemable sinners, but we are white trash as well.  If Father Sweeney and his porky sidekick want to rid the parish of white privilege, they  should begin by removing all of the statues, crucifixes and paintings that depict WHITE people, and of course, that would be all of them.

Message to Father and his hefty sidekick Noelle, you need a sabbatical.  Maybe you could fly to Cuba or China and pal around with your peers who hate this country.


3 thoughts on “St. Anselm Church, Chesterland: “Sporchi Ipocriti!”

  1. If anyone wants to contact Sister Suicide Noelle:

    Director of Religious Education

  2. I was at the post office and I saw this dirty, liberal bitch Sr. Kathleen King. The clerk offered her “flag” stamps and she said, “I spit on the flag, I hate the country they call America, not my country.”

    She should feel free to ask them to assign her to a different country.

  3. You are way too nice. Unless the majority stand up and demand the removal of this satanic nun and her cohorts, nothing is going to happen to any of them. As long as they keep paying for BS, they’re going to get the BS over there.

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