Chardon’s Rooster in the Courthouse

By: Paying Attention

While watching TV the other day an ad promoting something for the State of Ohio came on. It was not impressive enough to even remember what it was about and it included about a half dozen unrecognizable political types, with one exception.

Who was first up to bat but our own Chardon Municipal Court Judge Terri Stupica. She is definitely memorable. She has her hair shaved on the sides and all the hair on top is pointing forward. It is a color never seen in nature. All that came to mind is: Why does her hairdresser hate her? She must be going for a hip, young look but missed the mark by about twenty years. Next she’ll be sporting a nose ring and a tattoo.

She looks just like a rooster. Really. But if you want to see for yourself, you have to time it perfectly because she is rarely at the courthouse. Why should she be? The paycheck will keep coming no matter what and, if she does show up, she takes her orders from Prosecutor Jim Flaiz.

Speaking of Flaiz… Maybe she goes to the same salon as him. I hear his hair is now colored an unnatural black, is about an inch long and word has it that he looks like a coconut.

3 thoughts on “Chardon’s Rooster in the Courthouse

  1. Stupica is a joke as a judge. And now she is an embarrassing joke with that ridiculous hairdo.

  2. No fear of God in her but she will. In open rebellion and shameless in her impropriety. I hope she repents before the end. Luke 11:46, a special place in hell for people like this.

  3. Terri is a shameless, godless woman. She’s actually a brilliant attorney and handled my sister-in-laws’ divorce. She was vicious. But politically, she sells herself at the drop of a hat. Not a mean girl or nasty, just weak and self-serving. She does what she is told to do. If she had backbone and was honest and true, she could be the most powerful person in Geauga County. But Terri is weak, she wants to be loved. And her bailiff needs to use deodardant.

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