Chardon’s Judge David Ondrey: Worse than Judge Fuhry? Too Close to Call!

By: Frogmore

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Bad News: Judge Ondrey is just another tool in Prosecutor James Flaiz’s bag of dirty tricks.

Good News: Judge Ondrey can never run for office again because he will have aged out; after a judge turns seventy-years of age, he can’t run for office again.

Will any of us ever forget Geauga Common Pleas Judge David Fuhry allowing teen murder T.J. Lang sitting in his courtroom with the word “KILLER” written across his t-shirt? Lang shot and killed three classmates and paralyzed a fourth one for life. But Fuhry claimed he didn’t see the shirt, and the deputies and prosecutor sitting across from Lang apparently didn’t either, or so they said.

(As an aside: Remember the bravado of the former Chardon police chief, Tim McKenna, and our obese sheriff, Scott Hildenbrand, taking bows for “capturing” Lang when what really happened was a neighbor saw Lang walking home down their street and called the police. Some capture!)

Ondrey is the typical lawyer turned judge. The only difference is he will have a better pension and now has a more inflated ego. But he will always be known as a lawyer, which means he has the respect of no one. And will at some point in his career will have emptied the bank accounts of people in trouble.

His most recent “Judgey” act of disgust was allowing the crooked former auditor turned thief, Frank Gliha’s file to be sealed. Files are rarely sealed and misdemeanor files are never sealed. Why would they be? Gliha, who helped his employee, the late Stephen Decatur, steal more than $2.4 million from the taxpayers of this county over an eight year period. Gliha, close pals with crooked county Prosecutor James Flaiz, was charged with misdemeanors even though Gliha admitted in court that he had illegally signed off on invoices exceeding his ability. 

But thanks to Flaiz, who did not fight it, and Ondrey who thought it a good idea, no one will ever again be able to access Gliha’s records (except those who were smart enough to make copies of the records as the laughable process progressed). No one will know that Gliha should now be a convicted felon and sitting in jail. In fact, Flaiz should be sitting next to Gliha because it is documented that he knew for three years the theft was occurring. Hey, it’s all about who you know and what judge you have in your pocket!

Another Ondrey stunt was his refusal to release letters on behalf of Scott Coleman who stole $180,00 from our crappy congressman RINO David Joyce. Eighty letters were written on Coleman’s behalf. Ondrey was highly criticized by a variety of lawyers and professors of law from Case Western and Cleveland Marshall who said letters of support are routinely included in the public record. It seems those people did not appreciate how self-important Ondrey is and, so much so, that he is smarter than they are.

The only other known case of a sealed misdemeanor charge involves none other than James Flaiz. Jimmy Boy got ticketed In Mentor in 2007 for a “minor” misdemeanor. Obviously the original charge was reduced in a plea. He pled guilty allegedly to failure to yield and blocking a private driveway. He had THAT sealed??? Could the original charge in the file have been for a DUI?

8 thoughts on “Chardon’s Judge David Ondrey: Worse than Judge Fuhry? Too Close to Call!

  1. “And he said, Woe unto you also, ye lawyers! for ye lade men with burdens grievous to be borne, and ye yourselves touch not the burdens with one of your fingers” –> Luke 11:46. True 2000 years ago, still true today. There is a special place for people like this, I hope they sincerely repent before time up because there will be no second chance……

  2. Ondrey is so full of it. When he was running for office, one of the positions he had was to: “Shorten the time required to process and complete a lawsuit. Establishing firm deadlines, conferences and trial dates will help, but reaching quicker decisions is also necessary.”

    All horse puckey. The charge against Eugene Kruz, ITERSource in Texas, who was involved in Gliha fiasco, is scheduled for trial on 02/08/2021. This has been going on since Feb. 2018. Crooked Flaiz already dismissed three of the four charges against Krus and dismissed another ITERSource employee (Kelley) who was involved.

  3. C.P. Hitchcock, Sharon Gingerich, Denise Kaminski, Robbie Halford, Deb Reiter, Frank Gliha, Dan McClelland, Joe Cattell, Tom Huff, Jim Flaiz, Scott Hildenbrand, Robbie Halford.., and many other public officials, sat on this board and participated in allowing this heist to occur. THEY ARE ALL COMPLICIT.

    That’s why that slob Forrest Burt sealed documents, and Flaiz sold out the county, and Ondrey sealed these records.

    They are all complicit and now it’s sealed?

    Ondrey is just helping his buddies hide,

  4. Ondrey’s not too sharp son, Christian, works as a magistrate for Lake County’s Judge John O’Donnell and O’Donnell’s daughter works in Flaiz’s office. Don’t you just love the incestuousness of politics?

  5. All these swamp people care about is how much money they can rake in from the taxpayers. We have to get rid of Flaiz! Start at the top and work down.

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