Jim Flaiz Will Appoint Craig Young Chief of Chesterland

By: Blue Lives don’t matter in Chesterland

I have worked for many years as a police officer for the City of Cleveland and this Mayor has done much to disrespect officers.  In Cleveland, they will politically appoint a Sgt. to be the Commander of a District, thereby making Captains and other officers answer to a Sgt.  There is no respect for rank.

The City of Cleveland is a dangerous mess.

No problem in Chesterland.  Jim Flaiz just coordinated the promotion of Craig Young from Sgt. to Captain, never mind he completely bypassed Lieutenant.

There is interest in Mark Purchases’ position because he is soon to retire. (Just not soon enough).  No doubt, many officers are interested in the job, but they don’t stand a chance because Jim Flaiz has already paved the way for his backwoods buddy Craig Young to become Chief of Chesterland.

Jim Flaiz is scum, ask his good friend and neighbor Tom Meyer.

And Chief Purchase is a weak man if he can sell himself to Flaiz to make this sweetheart deal for Craig Young, who is by no means a stellar cop.  Craig Young is a hack, nothing more than a political hack.

Good luck Chesterland, you are in for 20 years of mediocre at best.

5 thoughts on “Jim Flaiz Will Appoint Craig Young Chief of Chesterland

  1. Flaiz is always trying to stack the deck in his favor. He hired Craig Young as a part-time investigator. Young had no background experience. Flaiz put him on the payroll with the other loser investigators. According to the Ohio Supreme Court, there were only TWO criminal trials in Geauga County last year. One for each judge. We are not getting much for our taxes.

    Out of our property taxes 65% goes to the schools. The schools have been closed since March. When will the refunds be coming?

  2. Apparently corrupt prosecutors are untouchable and sovereign. Time for the Commissioners to step up and stand up to the waste of taxpayers money! Flaiz has a complete disregard for the rule of law.

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