St. Anselm Catholic Church, Chesterland: Satan’s Penis

By: Former Parishoner

Sister Noelle of St. Anslem in Chesterland is telling grade school students to reflect on their “WHITE PRIVILEGE”.  She is quoting an author who is one of the biggest abortion advocates on the planet earth, the disgusting Peggy McIntosh.

Sister Noelle should have written the book on white privilege because her big, fat ass has been pampered and protected, in an all white environment all of her life.  If she goes to hell for anything, and there may be many reasons, it will be for her hypocrisy.

Fr. Sweeney is a disgusting pig of the same caliber.  Planned Parenthood should put Sweeney’s face on their pamphlets, he is Jesuit trained and a hateful and demented socialist.  He is the hater of all things constitutional.

As Catholics, we were taught it was a sin to criticize the all white clergy, thus, many parishioners kept quiet while priest and nuns were sexually abusing children, tens of thousands of cases have been documented.

The Catholic Church is nothing more than the penis of Satan…, raping children, promoting and endorsing abortion and prostituting themselves politically.

Sr. Noelle feels compelled to promote racism and hides behind her “woke” aberrations.

There is no greater whore than she who uses God’s name to promote abortion and self hatred.

I don’t blame Noelle for hating herself, she has good reason.

6 thoughts on “St. Anselm Catholic Church, Chesterland: Satan’s Penis

  1. After a boring introduction in what appears to be a handout from St. Anselm’a, the self-important Sister decided to add the following from some two-bit academic’s opinion on white privilege, which has as much validity as systematic racism.

    * I can choose public accommodation without fearing that people of my race can’t get in or will be mistreated.

    * I can be pretty sure that if I ask to talk with “the person in charge” I will be facing a person of my own race.

    * I can easily buy posters, picture books, greeting cards, dolls, children’s magazines featuring people of my race.

    * I can choose blemish color in “flesh” color and have them more or less match my skin.

    * I can do well in challenging situation without beking called a credit to my race.

    Outside Comment: It appears to me that Sister Noel is a little too concerned with situations that don’t exist. If she thinks all these things are a problem, leave white Chesterland and go be a nun in black Cleveland, but she better be armed. Her sanctimony is gag worthy. Methinks she has been without a man too much of her life.

  2. Life is challenging enough for students with COVID19, drug abuse, failed and disinterested parents, etc. Maybe if Sister Noelle is really lucky and successful in her endeavor to demean white people, one of the students will kill them selves.

    Is that her goal?

  3. Jim Adams of the Mental Health Board has reported that suicide is up 100% in Geauga County. Is it possible that Sister Noelle is a contributing factor? The Catholic Church has a long standing tradition of teaching personal diminishment and self-effacement. The more they abuse and demean you, the easier to control you. And the more money you donate, the greater chance you will have to go to heaven.

  4. We teach the Bible as it is plainly written Sunday at 10 AM. There are many former Catholics in our church. You are welcome at Fowlers Mill Christian Church.

  5. We are struggling to help our child with self esteem due to untenable challenges she faces because of her handicap. This selfish and hateful woman, who masquerades as a nun should be excommunicated. Where do people find the time to come up with this delusional rhetoric about white privilege?

  6. Unfortunately, this is a result of decades and decades of parents not being active in the educational lives of their children and leaving it to the school faculty to “educate” them. I grew up Catholic, had a deacon, a priest, and a nun in my family. Thankfully, my father had sense and rebelled against the indoctrination and thus passed on the same trait to me. If you love your kids at all, pull them out of these places and home school them.

    I saw a lot of Catholic schools and churches also took Satan’s money in the form of the PPP program. It would not surprise me in the least if this institution was also on the list, bought and paid for.

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