Local Private Investigator Featured in New Book

By: Jack Cashill — Amazon

Chardon resident and licensed private investigator Susan Daniels is featured in Jack Cashill’s new book “Unmasking Obama: “The Fight to Tell the True Story of a Failed Presidency “

While the major media were spinning their collective fairy tale about the Obama presidency, the alternative conservative media—America’s “samizdat”—were telling the truth.

During the Obama years, an asymmetrical media war was waged to control the critical first draft of American history. There is no fair way to record that history without first acknowledging the war. The field of battle shaped up as follows: on the right, the alternative conservative media and the “responsible” right, occasionally working together, often working at odds; on the left, the mainstream media, the social media giants, Hollywood, Broadway, the federal bureaucracies, the national security apparatus, and what Ray Bradbury would call “firemen”—the virtual book burners, amateur and professional. Rarely at odds, these forces routinely worked together to amplify what Obama adviser Ben Rhodes famously called the White House’s “messaging campaign.” Money, resources, and power overwhelmingly favored the left, but the right had the equalizer on its side—the truth.

The section on Daniels explains how she uncovered Barack Obama’s use of a stolen Connecticut social security number and her fight against the naysayers. It includes how former Judge David Fuhry arbitrarily threw out of court her lawsuit to keep Barack Obama off the OH ballot because he was an illegal candidate.

The book was released August 18th on Amazon.

3 thoughts on “Local Private Investigator Featured in New Book

  1. Hopefully this book will help to expose the Obama administration scandals and the fake media that covered them up. Maybe his next book should be unmasking our corrupt prosecutor and his toadies!

  2. Flaiz sat back for three years after being warned that there was a problem and let $1.2 million walk out the door of the total $2.4 million that the county lost (plus more than $200,000 in forensic and legal fees). He should be thrown out of office and put in jail as complicit to theft in office.

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