Monetizing the Immune System

By: Publius

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to have a serious car accident or an illness, you will understand your mortality in your bones. Everyone is walking in a metaphorical minefield every day.

Most of the time we ignore the risks. Driving a car, for example, is one of the most dangerous things we do on a daily basis. The odds of dying in a car accident over a lifetime are a staggering 1 in 114! (see the National Safety Council “What Are the Odds of Dying From..” web page) Similarly, fairly mundane and routine tasks are dangerous and potentially lethal, like climbing ladders, or working with power equipment.

Now, after a long, carefully crafted PR campaign with a very large budget (Remember those videos of people dropping dead in China? and now people need to be tested to even know they have this supposedly dangerous illness…) many people are obsessed with the risk posed by colds, flu and “Covid-19” in particular.

They’ve been convinced their own immune system doesn’t work, indeed that it can’t work to stop this cold virus. The “disease” has to be managed by governments and corporations and other bumbling, fumbling wasteful institutions.

This bizarre charade goes on day after day, with the claims of the PR campaign changing with each passing day. Covid has no symptoms at all, or maybe it makes your hair fall out, or causes brain damage or maybe it causes rashes. Covid affects tall people more than short people, and men more than women. Remember when they said it would attack male testicles? I haven’t heard that claim for a while.

Where and when will this scam end? Well, unfortunately, it probably won’t. Just like 9/11 brought in the PATRIOT act and the TSA and mass surveillance, more parasitical, corrupt agencies and institutions will embed themselves in the United States in the wake of this flu fraud.

The immune system will be monetized, and more schemers will extra a sizable chunk of the GDP of the US through vaccines, completely fake tests, and other scams.

The only “fix” is for individuals to wise up and to seek their own virtuous path and way of life and find the courage to say “no” to these fraudsters.

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