Geauga Freedom

By: Publius

The ineffective, nonsensical mask mandates in states like Ohio seem to be aimed at conditioning people to servitude. Indeed, the lock downs are training people to look to nanny-state governments for permission about the most mundane day to day activities like getting a haircut or going out to eat. Children who go to school in the fall might have every single movement and interaction managed by a teacher.

The government’s reaction to Covid-19, and the “reaction” of NGOs and billionaire oligarchs like Bill Gates to this flu suggest a larger agenda is afoot. It seems like the oligarchs want a to impose a new financial system that’s basically computer controlled socialism. It would be the ultimate in central planning. Central planning has always failed, often with catastrophic and deadly results.

It is time for people in Geauga County to get organized and assert themselves against this agenda and to stand up for their freedom. There are many fairly simple and straightforward things we can do.

Gather together to demonstrate how many of us there are;
Support like minded local businesses and work to build supply chains for essential items that can’t be disrupted easily;
Establish alternate communication networks,

9 thoughts on “Geauga Freedom

  1. I will not wear a mask. I will not take a vaccine. When I go out I’m the only one not wearing a mask in the stores and no one has said a word to me yet. Most people know it’s all a lie but they are sheep and will do what they are told to do. Quit being sheep!

    Geauga county resident.

  2. Yep, “only” 165,000 and counting dead.

    What’s the problem?

  3. I’ve gone about my business maskless too. The same fake data that they use to frighten the dumb masses about covid–that it’s spreading like crazy–shows that masks do nothing to halt the spread of this BS. I think TX reached peak stupidity at this point. Supposedly 1/4 of all people fake tested are fake positive… so anyone in that state should be able to see that the stats are a scam.

    Heinens seems to be the only store in the Chardon area that’s now “enforcing” their mask BS. I’ll take my business anywhere else. It’d be great to capture a list of freedom-friendly options for shopping in Geauga.

  4. 216,000 people died in this country last year of the flu. And they were not lying about the numbers like they are now.

  5. I don’t know where you get your figures, but there were a record high 80,000 deaths during the 2017-2018 flu season.

  6. The Mask Mandate is not enforceable. The Ohio Governor has no emergency powers to do such a thing, therefore, whichever individuals and businesses are wearing masks and enforcing a mask policy are doing it of their own free will. There is no enforcement mechanism in the “mandate”. It’s a stunt and because most people are so disengaged from how our system works, they have no clue and obey any figure that appears to have authority. It might be easier to compile a list of all the business telling you to wear a mask. Would be a nice list, starting with the CVS sitting at the corner of Chiliicothe and Mayfield.

  7. The whole mask thing is a scam and bought by the fearful. The masks do nothing. If they did, they would have left all the criminals they released from jail in their cells and given them masks. I have been without a mask to the CVS in Chardon, Walmart, Heinen’s, Home Depot and the post office. No one said a word. Everyone needs to take off their masks. Stop buying into the insanity.

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