Kudos to Mike, P.J., John and Fred!

By: Mr. R. J. James

Kudos to Auburn Township Trustees Michael Troyan, Patrick J. Cavanagh and John Eberly for giving our township the ability to support vital services, e.g., our wonderful Fire and Road Department!

The Fire Department has had a sharp increase in rescue calls and recently helped my neighbor!  Thank you to the entire Fire team for your service!

The Road Department has done a resoundingly wonderful job maintaining roads and responding to resident concerns.

We need to support our vital services!!!

Please vote “YES” for the additional levy for Fire service and for the road renewal levy, on November 3, 2020.

There is a good reason that Troyan, Cavanagh and Eberly have been repeatedly re-elected, they are a wonderful bunch of guys.  And a big thanks to Fred May, Fiscal Officer, who takes care of our finances.

Kudos to the Trustees and Fiscal Officer of our home town, Auburn Township!

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