Notre Dame “nones” could learn a BIG lesson from the Poor Clares…

By: Anonymous

The “Sisters” of Notre Dame blindly supported Obama.  Never mind that he was NOT pro-life and forced contraceptive care on the Little Sisters of the Poor and other religious. 

Chardon Notre Dame “nones” are left-wing hypocrites, always bashing President Trump and decrying the poor “marginalized” of our society.  They care so much for the poor and downtrodden.

I’d like to see the poor or down trodden try to get an apartment/condo/townhouse on the Notre Dame property.  ONLY WHITE RICH PEOPLE NEED APPLY.

What a bunch of hypocrites.  Maybe the “Sisters” of Notre Dame didn’t fight Barrack on the contraceptives, because they are using them…


Judge Napolitano: Little Sisters of the Poor ‘vindicated’ by Supreme Court

Judge Andrew Napolitano analyzes the Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Little Sisters of the Poor in the Obamacare contraceptive case
The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that the Trump administration acted within its authority when it expanded exemptions to the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) requirement for employers to provide insurance coverage that includes contraception — in a victory for Little Sisters of the Poor, the Catholic group that has been at the center of the national debate over the mandate.

The court ruled 7-2 in favor of the Trump administration and a Catholic charity that cares for the elderly in two related disputes against Pennsylvania, which sued over the validity of a rule from the Trump administration that allowed religious-affiliated groups and some for-profit companies to opt-out of providing contraception coverage to employees.
The majority opinion, written by Justice Clarance Thomas, ruled that the Trump administration’s challenged rulemaking was aboveboard, and hailed the work of the Little Sisters of the Poor.

3 thoughts on “Notre Dame “nones” could learn a BIG lesson from the Poor Clares…

  1. Oh, you will not find the “marginalized” residing with the Sister of Notre Dame. But not to worry, they are praying for them…….just don’t want to live with them…..

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