St. Anselm Church Drug Dealing Employee

By: I have no respect for Fr. Sweeney, he be nasty…

Catholic school custodian charged with selling drugs while at work (Reported by Fox 8)

CHESTERLAND, Ohio — An employee at a local Catholic school is facing charges that he was trafficking in drugs while he was at work.

Michael Grubb, 60, the head custodian at St. Anselm Catholic School in Chesterland is accused of trafficking drugs while at  work. An investigation showed that he was selling Oxycodone to a fellow employee.

The school took quick action after the allegations came to light, alerting parents to the situation and eventually firing Grubb.

He faces up to three years in prison.

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  1. Father Sweeney is a hateful man. He’s not doing God’s work, he is working for the other team.

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