Rayshard Brooks Was a Menace to Society

By: Susan Daniels (American Thinker May 21, 2020)

In a rush for Fulton County district attorney Paul Howard to distract from the investigation of his own wrongdoings regarding a missing $140,000, Howard quickly charged former police officer Garrett Rolfe with eleven felonies before an investigation could be properly done into a police shooting.  Not only is Howard under investigation, but he is in a hotly contested primary in August.  Howard did not take the case to the Grand Jury and, in an apparent political move, immediately charged Rolfe.

On June 12, 2020, Rayshard Brooks, 27, fought with two police officers and grabbed one of their taser guns.  As he ran away, he turned to try to shoot Rolfe, and Rolfe shot him in self-defense.  Brooks had, among other things, four previous charges of obstructing a police officer, cruelty to children, and domestic violence.

It made no sense why Brooks would fight the police until you look at his criminal history.  The following are interactions he had with law enforcement. 

On 08/22/2016, he was sentenced to twelve months in jail and to three years’ probation on each of the five felony counts, which were to be served concurrently.  On 12/20/2018, an arrest warrant was issued for him regarding his last arrest.

The police were called when Brooks was drunk and fell asleep in his car, blocking traffic at a drive-through restaurant.  Being drunk would have been another probation violation.  If he had been arrested, he could have been sent back to jail.  The following are all recorded in Georgia courts.

10/22/2010           Obstruction of Officer 

10/10/2010           Obstruction of Officer 

01/19/2011           Battery Family Violence 

03/15/2011           Battery Family Violence 

11/18/2011           Receiving Stolen Property

01/12/2012           Possession of Marijuana 

01/12/2012           Possession of Marijuana 

01/12/2012           Weapon Possession 

04/12/2012           Possession of Marijuana 

03/02/2013           Receiving Stolen Property

03/02/2013           Criminal Interwith Govt. Property

03/02/2013           Obstruction of Law Enforcement Officer

03/03/2013           False Imprisonment 

03/03/2013           Obstructing an Officer 

03/03/2013           Felony Cruelty 

03/03/2013           Receiving Stolen Property 

02/31/2014           Simple Battery 

03/31/2014           Cruelty to Children 

03/31/2014           False Imprisonment  

03/31/2014           Family Violence Battery 

05/22/2014           Simple Battery Family Violence 

05/22/2014           Obstruction Officer 

05/30/2014           Felony Cruelty 

12/14/2014           Criminal Interference with Govt. Property

10/30/2015           Theft by Taking 

03/03/2016           Taking by Theft 

07/13/2016           Theft of Financial Transaction (5 counts)

It appears that Rolfe was railroaded while the district attorney uses him to try to save his job.

Chardon resident Susan Daniels has been a licensed private investigator in Ohio for twenty-seven years.  She uncovered the stolen Connecticut social security number that Barack Obama has used for the past thirty years.

7 thoughts on “Rayshard Brooks Was a Menace to Society

  1. Funny how super sleuth gumshoe Susan only investigates black people. Perhaps she has a problem.

    I’m super happy she doesn’t investigate white (or orange in my case) people. Bigly!!!

  2. So how do you know all the people she has investigated? Everything she said is factual. You may be a phony investigator. Stop using Donald Trump as your excuse to be a total hypocrite and hater.8

  3. Hmm. Is it the fake prosecutor’s pretend investigator, Karen Sweet, or non-journalist John Karlovic of the Maple Leaf who is jealous of Susan Daniels and her investigative skills? Both should be but which one pretends to be “Donald Trump?”

  4. My opinion: Karlovec is a camo disguised Trojan horse and secret letter writer to his own paper. It should come as no surprise that he would slither into this venue with the same makeup.
    His trademark move is to wait till the edition just prior to the election to :
    1. Print a front page sob story or awe-inspiring article eliciting the sympathy vote or pump -up of his chosen candidate.
    2. Print several letters and an article hostile to his non-choice candidate for the election du jour.
    3. Accept advertising from a Conservative candidate or group then surround that ad in the paper on the very same page with anti-group ads or articles. This is unethical. It reeks to the high heavens.

    We have seen this time after time so the IDENTICAL behavior regarding the Independence Day Procession in Chester should come as no surprise. He may even print some sympathetic comment or thought AFTER the election or in this case the Procession, just so he can make the fraudulent claim of being objective. John old boy, timing is everything. You are a fake news stalwart and your overt attempts at affecting elections should be investigated.
    I call upon every right-minded person to BOYCOTT the Geauga Maple Rag. The not so subtle attempted and intended public opinion manipulation is a disgrace and he should be punished in his wallet.
    I would not use that so-called paper to line my bird cage. Go tweet that!

  5. Old Fake pen name Donald Trump is still fixated on what heshe is deluded into thinking is hishers trademark adverb gone bad, ” BIGLY.”
    Fako Trump, we can see you read Scott Adams’ book ” Win BIGLY” which discusses the real Donald Trump’s skills as a master persuader. Pretty good book actually but Fako Trump, you have now exemplified the Latin term ad nauseum for the 1 millionth time.

    Give it a rest! Get a new buzz word. Read another book. May I suggest the Bible, starting at page 1 wherein is contained all the wisdom of the ages.
    Get a grip dude or dudette as you may be. Maybe with you both?

    Speaking of Latin, lest I be accused of ad hominem, your FACTS are false in so many things you have become an emblem of fake news in the zeitgeist.

    Time to joust again my would-be adversary!

  6. I find it’s a waste of time to debate people that quote the Bible, a book about an invisible man in the sky that loves us like his children, but if we don’t praise him in exactly the right way he will send us to burning hell for eternity. Now that makes a lot of sense.

    However I do believe man existed at the same time as dinosaurs. Saw it on the Flintstones, must be true.

    What I really find funny is how the Bible thumpers love me. Three wives and I cheated on all of them. Great example for the kids.

    Because you asked nicely I will use my real name.

  7. Glad to hear you do not believe in the Bible as it is plainly written. It is a relief to know where you will be going straight to someday. Have a nice trip! Jesus is the only person to have never sinned, not one time. God forgave David too.

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