Matt Rambo “Cross Over Candidate”

By: True Republican

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Tim Grendell vs Matt Rambo…Who’s the Real Republican?

(LFC wants to expose the lies, deceptions and betrayals perpetrated on the unsuspecting citizens. This website is also a forum for “News That Others Will Not Print”. 

A patriot, Kathy Johnson from Chardon Township, expresses her views on the current race for Juvenile/Probate Judge in Geauga County. ) *********************1776
I just read your Facebook post about Lake County Recorder, Becky Lynch. Bravo! It is high time to expose those candidates who have entered races as newfound Republicans.

We have a similar crossover-type candidate running for Juvenile/Probate Judge against sitting Republican Judge Tim Grendell in the Geauga County Republican primary. I have taken to the keyboard over this and am submitting a letter I recently wrote in favor of Judge Grendell who has been challenged by Matthew Rambo, a candidate with strong Democrat support and who ran as a Democrat for Common Pleas Judge in Geauga County in 2018. Judge Grendell has also been a target of the leftist group “Protect Geauga Parks” for years and they are all about challenger Rambo. Maybe you would consider posting my letter on the Geauga Page of the Lobbyists for Citizens website.

Here is the proof link for the direct quotes I used in my letter. This is still lingering out there on the web from just after the 2018 November election, but could disappear soon:

And here is the website for Protect Geauga Parks – it is a waving banner for Matt Rambo:

Thanks for considering my submission.
 Kathy Johnson
Chardon Township, OH 4402 ************************1776 Here is Kathy’s letter:

I strongly support the re-election of Judge Timothy Grendell for Geauga County Probate/Juvenile Court and will cast my vote for him in March 17 Republican Primary.  Judge Grendell is a tough, but fair judge who has the experience and proven record that Geauga County needs.  Judge Grendell cares about this community and treats those who come before the Probate/Juvenile Court with a fair-minded consideration.  Judge Grendell is keenly aware of the drug issues that affect Geauga County families.  The Probate/Juvenile Judge is also tasked with appointing the three-member citizen board to govern Geauga Park District and Judge Grendell has placed a credible board.  And Judge Grendell is a Republican.

There has been some necessary dialogue about the voting record of Matthew Rambo, who has entered the Republican primary as a challenger to Judge Grendell.  Some say Mr. Rambo is a Democrat and some say he is a Republican.  Others twist the issue by saying that judgeships are nonpartisan.  The first indisputable fact is that the March 17 Republican Primary is partisan and distinctly Republican.  The second indisputable fact is that Matt Rambo ran for Geauga County Court of Common Pleas as a Democrat in 2018 and lost that election.  Then, just after the 2018 election, Geauga Democrats in an announcement or an event to “reduce Matt Rambo’s campaign debt” placed this direct quote along with a photo of Matt Rambo on their website:  “Matt Rambo is our candidate for judge.  Next Judgeship up is held by Tim Grendell.  Geauga needs the dynamic energy and wisdom of Matt Rambo.  Matt has agreed to be a candidate for Judge in Geauga County until elected.  Next Judge up for election is Tim Grendell.”

That’s right, Matt Rambo was the stated choice candidate of Geauga Democrats and their plan position him to run against Judge Grendell was hatched in 2018.  It is also well worth considering that the challenger Matt Rambo has no experience in a Probate/Juvenile courtroom.

There have now been years of negative and public discourse against Judge Grendell by a supposedly environmentally-minded group who property to love our county parks.  The simmering anger of this fringe citizen group was seemingly initiated because Judge Grendell necessarily replaced some incompetent board members.  These bitter folks have some strange ideas about conservation and their website is now awash with support for Matt Rambo.  It would seem that this group is very political on the bench to appoint board members.  The fact is that our lovely county park system is now under much better leadership, thanks to Judge Grendell, and our parks are quite successful both in conservation and in providing recreational opportunities for Geauga County families.  I love Geauga Parks.

If you are a true Republican, it is critical that you vote in the March 17 Republican primary!  Please join me in supporting Judge Timothy Grendell.

Kathy Johnson
Chardon Township

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  1. Matt’s a real idiot, I thought he had some smarts. But I was wrong.

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