Nancy McArthur: Geauga’s Very Own Rumpelstiltskin

By: Geauga Grandma

Dorothy Stange’s recent retirement gave way to a long overdue opening at the Geauga Board of Elections for the position of Deputy Director.

And guess who thought she was a shoe-in for the job?  Nancy McArthur…, second worst Chairman of the Geauga Republican Party, (Ed Ryder was the worst), thought that she would be able to bully her way into the Deputy Director’s position.

Well, not-so-fast….  The vote favored Michelle D. Lane!

Ed Ryder, washed up and greedy anyways, thought he had the clout to maneuver this appointment, but he was W-R-O-N-G…….

Thank God for common sense and a bit of courage, Michelle D. Lane is now the Deputy Director.

And Nancy, “Rumpelstiltskin” McArthur can stomp her angry backside…all the way home.

2 thoughts on “Nancy McArthur: Geauga’s Very Own Rumpelstiltskin

  1. People are get sick and tired of the cronyism in this county. Good for Michelle Lane. And a well-deserved kick in the butt for Nasty McArthur.

  2. It is undeniable that change needs to be made in the Geauga County GOP leadership. Nancy McArthur has been abrasive, abusive and consistently oversteps her authority. Her idea of growing the Republican Party is to bring in more Democrats without any change in ideology or behavior. Just look at what she did to Conservatism in the GOP in the last few elections: Dvorak and Rambo. Thank God we stopped Nancy and her brainchild Rambo and their troupe of idiotic liberals who registered as Republicans just to try to take down Judge Tim Grendell.
    Find out who your Republican Central Committee person is and promise them if they don’t vote Nancy out they themselves will be replaced. If no one else is willing to take them on YOU do it! Rise to the call of freedom and force them to do the right thing OR YOU CHALLENGE THEM FOR CENTRAL COMMITTEE.
    Nasty Nancy must go!

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